Sitewide Sales Sabbatical Prep: Website Improvements and New Marketing Ideas

In my previous post, I talk about starting a 6 week “sabbatical” from Paid Memberships Pro to focus all my energy on our product, Sitewide Sales.

So how will I spend all that time?

Aside from a crazy long list of development ideas, I know one of the biggest things Sitewide Sales needs is a consistent marketing plan.

The biggest work I can do in these 6 weeks is improve our positioning and value prop, then develop a marketing plan to carry out by my current team or through contractors after the 6 weeks elapse.

Here’s a huge dump of the current ideas I have for my sabbatical related to Website Improvements and New Marketing Ideas.

Website Improvements

  • Add a blog to
  • Redesign the logo
  • Move documentation, checkout process, and support area from Stranger Studios site
  • Improve the trial ending soon email
  • Rewrite homepage using the “Pain-Agitate-Solution” framework
  • Add a FAQ to the homepage

New Marketing Ideas

  • Do customer research
  • #BuildInPublic on Twitter and share a roadmap via GitHub or another tool
  • Create 2 general content posts, 1 product-focused tooltip, and 1 video per week
  • Create templates with sample email and social media copy for businesses running sales
  • Consider a promotion on Appsumo
  • Communicate with people on Ecommerce Reddit
  • Start a listing on Indyhackers
  • Start a “Flash Sales Inspiration” site similar to One Page Love.
  • Start a Course or Email Series with topics like “How do you figure out when to run a sale?” and “How do you decide on a discount strategy for your sale?”
  • Create ebooks like “What I learned running 8 Years of Black Friday Sales on WordPress” or “A Definitive Guide to Flash Sales on WordPress”.
  • Create Explainer Videos and How-To Videos for all our modules and settings.
  • Sponsor Other YouTubers (we made a list of who to target)
  • Pitch Talks for Virtual WordPress and WooCommerce-focused Meetups
  • Submit / Pitch Guest Blogs to sites like Do_the Woo