Sitewide Sales Sabbatical Prep: New Development and Feature Improvement Ideas

I wrote up my Marketing-focused project ideas for my 6 week “sabbatical” to focus on Sitewide Sales. If you didn’t read that or the first post on why I’m doing this, check them out.

Here’s a mega list of development ideas I could focus on during the sabbatical. Some may be outside my personal development skillset (primarily frontend development and design with PHP, HTML, CSS).

I don’t think features is what Sitewide Sales needs right now. But features are fun to code and fun to think about.

Development Ideas and Improvements

  • Add a Dashboard page: Create a landing page “home base” for the admin area with things like: Recent sale reports, active sales, best sales, RSS feed from our blog, Links to start new sales with popular sale type templates.
  • Allow multiple “Active” sales simultaneously
  • Redesign the Sale Setup to use tabs and a wizard-like sections with screens instead of a long list of metaboxes with grouped settings.
  • Add a “Sale Description” field for internal use only so admins can identify the sale at a later time (i.e. ‘All custom candles at 25% off for Mother’s Day’)
  • Recommended Sale Emails: Include copy and paste drafts, timing suggestions, and templates for sales emails
  • Change the Sale Banners to use a Reusable Block in the WordPress Editor
  • Choose one or more popups plugins to integrate with instead of native banner design like: Optin Monster, Popup Maker, Popup Builder, and others with under 100k installs that we may like and find more straightforward to integrate with.
  • Add a setting to control how long the banner is “dismissed”: per page view, per session, for X days.
  • Add a new banner location: Lightbox Popup (full page overlay)
  • Allow sale banner restrict by user role to accommodate hiding sales from previous customers (or only for previous customers) in WooCommerce.
  • Add a “Countdown Timer” feature with embed in the banner or landing page content. Settings include: Countdown to sale start, Countdown to sale end, Hybrid Sale start /end countdown
  • Add extended coupon code functionality for WooCommerce like Advanced Coupons and Easy Digital Downloads like Advanced EDD Coupons. What other coupon types would PMPro sites like?
  • Create new Modules for other popular ecommerce plugins like LearnDash
  • Create a Feature for Sale Types / Templates including: FOMO Sales/Perpetual, BFCM, 1 Product Sale, Category Sale, Inventory Clearout, Membership/Subscription Sales, Exit Intent on Checkout Sale.
  • Add integration for Elementor: create a setting to hide or show widgets should before, during, or after sale
  • Add integration for the WordPress Block Editor per-block: setting to hide or show that block before, during, or after sale.
  • Add a nested block with innerblocks for the WordPress Block Editor: setting to hide or show nested blocks before, during, or after sale.
  • Create Block Patterns to bundle with the plugin
  • Add option to redirect away from the landing page when the sale ends.
Kim Coleman

Kim Coleman

Hi! I'm Kim Coleman, an internet entrepreneur from Reading, Pennsylvania. I've been working with WordPress for over 15 years. In 2011, I founded Paid Memberships Pro, a complete plugin for Recurring Subscriptions and Content Restriction with 100k active sites. I'm currently working on our new product, Sitewide Sales.

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