Sitewide Sales Sabbatical Prep: New Development and Feature Improvement Ideas

I wrote up my Marketing-focused project ideas for my 6 week “sabbatical” to focus on Sitewide Sales. If you didn’t read that or the first post on why I’m doing this, check them out.

Here’s a mega list of development ideas I could focus on during the sabbatical. Some may be outside my personal development skillset (primarily frontend development and design with PHP, HTML, CSS).

I don’t think features is what Sitewide Sales needs right now. But features are fun to code and fun to think about.

Development Ideas and Improvements

  • Add a Dashboard page: Create a landing page “home base” for the admin area with things like: Recent sale reports, active sales, best sales, RSS feed from our blog, Links to start new sales with popular sale type templates.
  • Allow multiple “Active” sales simultaneously
  • Redesign the Sale Setup to use tabs and a wizard-like sections with screens instead of a long list of metaboxes with grouped settings.
  • Add a “Sale Description” field for internal use only so admins can identify the sale at a later time (i.e. ‘All custom candles at 25% off for Mother’s Day’)
  • Recommended Sale Emails: Include copy and paste drafts, timing suggestions, and templates for sales emails
  • Change the Sale Banners to use a Reusable Block in the WordPress Editor
  • Choose one or more popups plugins to integrate with instead of native banner design like: Optin Monster, Popup Maker, Popup Builder, and others with under 100k installs that we may like and find more straightforward to integrate with.
  • Add a setting to control how long the banner is “dismissed”: per page view, per session, for X days.
  • Add a new banner location: Lightbox Popup (full page overlay)
  • Allow sale banner restrict by user role to accommodate hiding sales from previous customers (or only for previous customers) in WooCommerce.
  • Add a “Countdown Timer” feature with embed in the banner or landing page content. Settings include: Countdown to sale start, Countdown to sale end, Hybrid Sale start /end countdown
  • Add extended coupon code functionality for WooCommerce like Advanced Coupons and Easy Digital Downloads like Advanced EDD Coupons. What other coupon types would PMPro sites like?
  • Create new Modules for other popular ecommerce plugins like LearnDash
  • Create a Feature for Sale Types / Templates including: FOMO Sales/Perpetual, BFCM, 1 Product Sale, Category Sale, Inventory Clearout, Membership/Subscription Sales, Exit Intent on Checkout Sale.
  • Add integration for Elementor: create a setting to hide or show widgets should before, during, or after sale
  • Add integration for the WordPress Block Editor per-block: setting to hide or show that block before, during, or after sale.
  • Add a nested block with innerblocks for the WordPress Block Editor: setting to hide or show nested blocks before, during, or after sale.
  • Create Block Patterns to bundle with the plugin
  • Add option to redirect away from the landing page when the sale ends.