Week 2 Recap [Sitewide Sales Sabbatical]

It’s the end of week 2! I finally unleashed myself from strictly marketing and sales to focus on some coding.

For those new to this series, I’ve been exclusively focused on our new product SitewideSales.com (on a 6 week sabbatical from PMPro).

Here’s what went down in week 2…

3 New Solution Agnostic Blog Posts

I published 3 “solution agnostic” general guides. The goal here is to establish domain expertise on the topic of “running sales” and ecommerce in general. In writing these pieces, I have established a basic graphic theme that will be used throughout the sales site. I also wrote a video tutorial script yet to be recorded.

3 New Tooltips (Code Recipes) for WooCommerce

I published three tooltips or code recipes for WooCommerce sites. The goal with these pieces is to great some top of funnel content for people already looking for specific solutions for a WooCommerce site. These tutorials are all focused around the native “Store Notice” in WooCommerce. I’m hoping that with general guides like this I can capture some people who are in the mindset of a WooCommerce banner ad, give them valuable help, and possibly get them interested in my better approach: using the Sitewide Sales plugin.

Unleash the Coder

With our team member David, we reviewed and merged a few open Pull Requests into a a planned v1.3 release. The coding work includes several bug and warning fixes.

David coded a role-based way to hide the sale banner. This is useful for many reasons, most notable to hide sale banners for logged in users of any role, or to show banners only to existing customers. The Paid Memberships Pro module already includes level-based banner hiding, so this brings similar important functionality to our WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and custom funnel creators.

But the big new stuff I coded this week is a new way to use the [sitewide_sales] shortcode to build landing page content. You can now add several shortcodes to your landing page and specify a “sale_period” attribute.

This will make it easier to build better landing pages than just using the three textarea fields on the Sitewide Sale CPT editor. I’m planning some work with custom blocks next week, so this was done to queue up how that functionality will work.

David began work to integrate with Popup Maker, a WordPress popups plugin with over 700k installs. I need to think more about this integration to understand what people will expect from auto-banner activation and also tracking.

I changed our sale start and end date to use the HTML date and HTML time pickers. Jason is concerned about the mobile usability of this so I’ll be testing that more before final release. I think these HTML fields have come a long way in terms of cross browser support and features from the last time we considered using them.

Sales … πŸ¦— πŸ¦— πŸ¦—

I got one sale in week 2. It was very exciting.

At 2 full weeks in, this is the first sale for this window of effort. If you think this is an active product line for us… it isn’t…yet. I found a similar product in WordPress.org with 10k installs and that helps me believe there’s a place for this tool.

Until next week πŸ‘‹